What if the cross-border platform accumulates inventory in the off-season?


The most anticipated thing in the cross-border e-commerce industry is the peak season and various festivals, because in this way, the products of the store can be sold and objective profits can be obtained. Many sellers will naturally choose to store large quantities of goods in the warehouse for the peak season. be prepared. But the peak season will eventually pass, and the off-season is coming, so what should I do with these accumulated goods?

1. Do promotional activities

Store promotions: The off-season is actually similar to the peak season. It just means that there will be many people buying in-store products in the peak season, and relatively few in the off-season. Regardless of the off-peak season or not, what attracts buyers is often the price. Sellers can also entice purchases by discounting or bundling items during the off-season. shipping container

Off-site promotion: After setting the discount code of the product, upload it to the off-site platform, and use the traffic of these off-site platforms to generate purchases. It is best to set a larger discount, so as to better attract consumers to buy and clear the inventory. If there is a lot of inventory, it is recommended to open several off-site promotion websites at the same time, so that the speed of clearance will be much faster.

2. Advertise

There are on-site ads and off-site ads. On-site advertising is mainly to attract consumers’ attention within the platform, while off-site advertising is to introduce more traffic from outside the site. Before choosing which advertising method to use, sellers should consider their budget, how much effect the budget can produce, and what effect they want to achieve. Of course, if you want to increase traffic, the method of real person evaluation is also applicable here.

3. Exchange resources

Some products that are not sold in the store do not mean that they are not sold in other stores. Sellers can search for relevant product keywords through the platform, find some stores with relatively high sales of this product, and try to exchange resources with them. If they sell well, you can sell this batch of goods to them at a relatively low price. The two sides exchange resources, mutual benefit and win-win situation. shipping container

4. Multi-platform development

There are many well-known cross-border platforms abroad. As the saying goes, "eggs cannot be put in one basket". To develop multiple platforms, there is no need to worry about the problem of inventory backlog. Platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, and AliExpress are also good choices.

5. Remove inventory

In general, most of the products that use this method are useless, such as products that are about to expire or products that will incur high storage fees, which cannot be sold and need to be disposed of as soon as possible. However, removing an order also requires costs. Sometimes the platform will give a free cancellation policy, which can save a little cost. shipping container

There is no problem with the idea of sellers wanting to increase investment and make more profits, but it is still necessary to seek truth from facts, and do not excessively hoard products. If you are not careful, some products may become unsalable. Sellers should also do inventory planning to maximize profits and reduce losses.

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