Home office due to covid, how can cross-border e-commerce practitioners face the impact?


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, logistics has been one of the great problems for cross-border e-commerce sellers.

I thought that the environment of cross-border e-commerce could gradually develop in a good direction in 2022, but the actual situation seems not satisfactory.

The outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war a few days ago has attracted the attention of people all over the world and caused an uproar in the cross-border circle. After the war between Russia and Ukraine, many cross-border logistics Airlines suspended flights, jumped ports and stopped operations, and the logistics freight increased, which made it even worse for cross-border sellers who were already facing difficulties in sea and air transportation.

At the same time, Shenzhen, which has the largest number of cross-border e-commerce sellers in China, has recently been impacted by Omicron and has entered a state of comprehensive closure, with the city's home and office isolated. No one knows when the epidemic will pass and whether it can be unsealed on time within the government's planned time.

At present, the seller can still insist on home office, but logistics transportation has become a huge problem. Shenzhen suppliers and logistics carriers have pressed the pause button. Because things came suddenly, many sellers did not prepare goods in advance. Although the influence of FBA sellers on distribution is relatively small, the inventory will not last long. The FBM seller suffered a devastating blow, and the customer placed an order but was unable to deliver goods to the customer.

We note that Amazon has released relevant policies, which has reduced a lot of pressure for sellers who can't deliver goods. At the moment of the epidemic, keep the green and the number at the same time! We must know these things in time.

Expected delivery time extension change

At present, Amazon has automatically updated and extended the delivery time of some goods. Sellers can pay attention to the delivery time of orders through the order page. In addition, you can also view the distribution effectiveness displayed in listing through the seller platform - Settings - manage seller self delivered goods page or asin page.

2. Logistics and transportation

It is recommended to confirm with the logistics carrier and warehouse in time to understand whether the local logistics receiving and delivery work is normal. If not, consider logistics carriers or warehouses in other cities / regions, or choose to suspend sales.

Stop selling path: [seller platform] - [inventory] - [manage inventory] - [Select [on sale] in [commodity status] - select [seller] in [distribution type] - select [stop selling commodity] in the [Edit] button

If the goods cannot be delivered to the logistics carrier normally or the logistics carrier cannot collect and distribute normally, we suggest to temporarily open the holiday mode of the store, and then close the holiday mode after the situation improves.

3. Store order not processed

If the goods cannot be delivered due to local epidemic prevention policies and traffic control, it is recommended to communicate with the buyer in time, explain the current situation, and negotiate with the buyer whether the buyer can wait or cancel the order. The buyer's cancellation of the order will not affect the performance of our store.

Most of the above are for Amazon's self distribution sellers, and FBA will not have an impact on the goods distributed by Amazon. If you need to make up the shipment, you can also refer to the second point just mentioned. If the local cannot deliver the goods due to epidemic prevention or traffic control, it is recommended to contact the logistics carrier in other cities or regions to deliver the goods.

According to the latest news, from March 18 in Shenzhen, Yantian District, Pingshan District, Guangming District, Dapeng new area and Shenzhen Shantou Special Cooperation Zone, which have achieved dynamic social clearance, will gradually restore production order. I believe we will soon return to the fast-paced life of the past. The rapid control of the epidemic prevention in Shenzhen also proves the absolute control of the epidemic by the Chinese and Shenzhen governments.

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