Amazon issued a new announcement: a new banned list!

Recently, Amazon Europe announced that it will update its software sales policy.

The original text of the announcement is as follows:
Amazon issued a new announcement: a new banned list!(图1)
Amazon issued a new announcement: a new banned list! Amazon issued a new announcement: a new banned list!
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This new announcement echoes the relevant regulations of the Amazon platform "prohibiting the sale of pirated and unauthorized products". Infringement of intellectual property rights has always been an act that Amazon has severely cracked down on. Merchants that violate the rules may face punishments of blocked accounts and frozen funds.

In view of the fact that some categories of software have been added to the sample list of prohibited products, merchants are advised to carefully check their product lists and remove the following prohibited products that may violate the policy in a timely manner:

Privately copied software

Amazon sellers may not sell any software copied by anyone other than the manufacturer.

Generally speaking, sellers are strictly prohibited from selling all kinds of pirated software.

Software available for digital download

In order to maintain intellectual property rights, sellers must not sell digitally downloadable software in any way, including products downloaded through activation codes, registration links, or any other software-related credentials.

Software sold without permission

It is forbidden to sell any software on Amazon that is not designed by the manufacturer or not planned for retail sale.

Amazon issued a new announcement: a new banned list!(图2)
Amazon issued a new announcement: a new banned list! Amazon issued a new announcement: a new banned list!
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These include:
01, OEM software

Sellers cannot sell original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software on Amazon unless the seller also sells it with related hardware and lists it on the hardware ASIN.

02, free software

Providing free software, shareware, and promotional software seems to be a seller's "benefits" for consumers, but it is not officially allowed by Amazon! After all, this is also an infringement of intellectual property rights.

03. Software beyond the subscription period

Software that cannot be reused after the subscription period is not available for sale.

04, Beta (pre-release) software

This software is only used for troubleshooting, testing and evaluation and is not for sale.
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05, academic software

According to the regulations of the Amazon platform: academic software is not for everyone to buy, but software that is specifically sold to students, teachers, and educational institutions.

Since Amazon cannot verify whether the seller or buyer has an academic background, Amazon has currently banned most academic software.

In 2020, service trade is also booming. China's knowledge-intensive service imports and exports are 2033.12 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3%, accounting for 44.5% of the total service imports and exports. Intellectual property royalties, telecommunications, computer and information services, and insurance services increased by 30.5%, 12.8%, and 12.5%, respectively.

Commodity trade and service trade will present a two-wheel drive. On the one hand, products will be further diversified and enriched. Cost-effectiveness is no longer the only weapon for Chinese products to win the market. The importance of design, R&D, and branding will be further highlighted, and Chinese brands will go abroad. On the other hand, the proportion of service trade will further increase, and it will form a better collaborative support with trade in goods. Services such as finance, intellectual property, tourism, informatization, taxation and other services will become increasingly large and rigidly demanded.

As a seller, only by constantly seizing opportunities and embracing changes can we maintain long-term competitiveness in the ever-changing market.
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