Amazon's product selection list, a pair of slippers has become a dark horse, let us find out.

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Amazons product selection list, a pair of slippers has become a dark horse, let us find out.(图1)

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sea freight from china
Amazons product selection list, a pair of slippers has become a dark horse, let us find out.(图2)

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Analysis of the reasons for being on the list:

1. Seasonal factors, summer is coming. These shoes are refreshing and breathable. They are very lightweight. They can be used as slippers at ordinary times. They can be turned into sandals when you pull them. They can be on the edge of the company system. When you go to work, you can meet the system requirements of not wearing slippers. After get off work, casual slippers come online.

2. Hole shoes have been very popular in China as early as 10 years ago. Almost a pair of them are in hand. Now they seem to have retreated to the forefront of the trend. However, this year seems to have a sign of return. I don’t know how the domestic wind is going. Anyway, the data shows that foreigners have already It started to become popular again. Some people say that it is a cancer of the fashion industry, but when it's not fashionable, it has to be statistic. The trend factor is also one of the reasons for this hot style.

3. Foreigners like to be outdoors, this shoe is undoubtedly a good choice in summer.

sea freight from china

Source analysis:

Generally speaking, large slippers factories are mainly concentrated in Wenzhou, Zhejiang and Jinjiang, Fujian.

International logistics analysis recommendations:

1. This shoe is a seasonal product. Please pay attention to the timeliness of delivery. If you are in the autumn and changing seasons, try to choose empty delivery to prevent the shipping from passing by and the peak season.

2. This shoe is very light and belongs to foam goods. The volume and weight must be greater than the actual weight. Therefore, the choice of carton is very important. It must be a thicker and harder carton to prevent the carton from being deformed, and the extra weight will be charged. It also prevents the product from being crushed and deformed, resulting in return after sale. After all, it takes more than 20 days to ship by sea. After such a long time, this material is very easy to deform.

3. If it is children's slippers, you must make CPC certification in advance. American children's products are very strict with CPC certification. Don't let it go abroad, because Amazon does not allow cpc to sell, which will be more troublesome.

sea freight from china

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