Amazon Getting Started QA Highlights (3)

Amazon Getting Started QA Highlights (3)

Amazon Getting Started QA Highlights (3)(图1)
Q: Will the Amazon account that I registered in my hometown have any impact on my seller account when logging in with a different computer in a different place?
A: Changing your address frequently to log in to Amazon may think that your account has been stolen, and then turn on the protection mechanism for your account. It takes time and effort to appeal back.

Q: If Amazon's business license address is changed, will Amazon have an impact?
A: Yes, the change of address is likely to be reviewed

Q: I registered for each Amazon site and used a browser, which resulted in the same email address. What impact will it have? Is there a remedy?
A: According to what you said, the situation can no longer be described in terms of influence. Even if you have the same set of information, you can use the same registration environment for registering multiple sites, but the browser and email must be different, otherwise there will be direct association, and the association will be directly blocked.

Q: After Amazon gets the investment link, can I use another set of materials to apply?
A: No, the link for which set of materials is applied for is for which set of materials to register, don't take the action. You can use another set of materials to apply for the investment link, anyway, you don't need to spend money.

Q: Will the computer change during Amazon's second trial be associated?
A: If you have not logged in or registered with any Amazon before, you will not change the login environment.

Q: Can I use the credit card bill of the Amazon legal person in the second instance?
A: If Amazon asks you to provide it, please provide the bill.

Q: The Amazon store has been blocked and I am not ready to appeal. I request payment separately. How do I write the email?
A: If your shop does not intend to continue doing it, and now you just want to get the money back, you can try this method and send an email to the Amazon funding team. The reason is probably that I decided not to continue doing Amazon and request a refund of my funds. . But the Amazon funding team may not reply or refute your email.

Amazon Funds Review Team Email:
United States:

Q: How long will the Amazon ad auction adjustment take effect?
A: It will take effect after the report

Q: Why can’t Amazon upload product images appear?
A: After uploading the picture, you need to wait for 15 minutes before it is displayed

Q: The credit card bound to the Amazon account is not a legal person, and the account has been locked recently. Then provided the recent credit card bill by email. Or not?
A: Because your credit card information is not for a legal person, it can't be passed. You can re-bind a legal person's credit card, and after submitting the credit card bill for this card, you may still have the opportunity to appeal your account back. Except for the European site, the credit card that can be bound "in theory" is not a legal person, but if it is reviewed, a situation like yours will appear.

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