So how long does it take to send FBA from chaina to SWF2? How fast is it on shelves?

SWF2 Warehouse is a warehouse in the eastern United States, ZIP code 12533, near the port of New York, belonging to Hopewell Junction City, NY- New York. Since Amazon's FBA configuration reform,

More and more Amazon warehouses into SWF2 warehouses. Not long ago, there were old customers to consult the aging situation of Amazon FBA head sent to SWF2 warehouse.


So how long does it take to send FBA from chaina to SWF2? How fast is it on shelves?

If the end of the ship is delivered by UPS, the time limit is about 28-35 days, and the time limit of the fast ship delivery is about 15-20 days.

But often shipped to the United States Amazon seller friends should know that the logistics time is not equal to the speed of shelves, logistics time just means how many days to the warehouse, the warehouse received the goods.

But when Amazon warehouse shelves your products, also depends on Amazon's shelf schedule, under normal conditions, generally 3-5 working days can be put on the shelf, but it does not rule out that 7 days have not been put on 

the shelf is also very likely to happen, there are many factors that fail to put on the shelf, such as the lack of manpower in Amazon warehouse.

It may also be that some other factors have come up.... If you are worried that your goods cannot be put on the shelf on time, it is recommended that you find a third party to buy a guaranteed shelf service to reduce the loss.

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