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Holiday shopping boom is coming. From Halloween to the New Year (including Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Internet Monday, Light Festival, Christmas, Guanzha Festival, Ritual Day, etc.), consumers buy gifts online, and spend more money than any other time in the year. Essence For cross -border sellers, holidays may be an accident. Are you ready for Amazon's holiday season (see benefits at the bottom)? freight

When writing this article, you only have more than four months to ensure that you have prepared for customers who are looking for a lot of gifts -you still have enough time to launch new products or order more inventory.

1. Optimize your listing

In order to cope with the increase in Amazon traffic during the fourth quarter and holidays, the key step you need to take is to ensure that all listing has been optimized to search and conversion -especially related terms related to holidays. You want customers to find your listing, and you also want them to transform.

To prepare for listing, you can take the following actions:

• Update your picture. Add some pictures of festive themes in your product details, such as product photos with festival background, or lifestyle photos in a special environment.

• Carry out market survey. One way to achieve this purpose is to perform A/B tests for different images to understand what pictures customers prefer. If you are a brand registration, you can use Amazon's "managing your experiment" tools to compare your main map, five points, descriptions, and title.

• Collect new keywords. Use Keyword Scout tools to dig more keywords to ensure that you will not miss any important search words. This tool will show you 30 and 90 days of search trends of each keyword. Find the keywords that are currently on the rise and include it in your listing (if not included).


• Use high -efficiency tools to create a better Listing. With the Listing generator assisted by AI, you will get recommended keywords to optimize your listing. In addition, the keywords collected by Keyword Scout can be imported to your keyword list and allow the tool to help you identify keywords that are easy to rank and ensure that they are already included in your product listing.

• Use brand analysis. If you register for brand registration, you can use brand analysis tools to view which keywords of your products or competitors' products in the specific time period of last year. Then you can try some good keywords in this year's listing.

• Add product videos to your listing. Do you know that all sellers can add videos to their listing, even if they have no brand registration? Create and edit simple videos on your mobile phone, or hire a cameraler/editor to create a video for you. Check to hire professionals to help.

• Add keywords related to holidays to the entire listing. You can also use back -end search words, such as "gift", "last moment gift", "___ gift", "Christmas", "Light Festival", etc.

• Contains all detailed information in Listing. Make sure your listing contains as much information as possible, so that potential buyers will not leave with questions. For example, if you sell clothing, make sure you provide accurate and detailed information and sizes to avoid confusion.

If your listing is already the best you think, you only need to add keywords related to holidays to the entire listing, so that you are preparing for the upcoming search volume and shoppers.

Deadline: This step is required as soon as possible.

2. Adjust your advertising activities and overall budget

Considering that Amazon has increased significantly in the next few weeks, it is best to adjust your PPC advertising budget and keyword bidding to ensure that your advertising activities are always running. Increased customer traffic will also lead to more intense PPC advertising competition, which means that you need to increase keyword bids.

Holiday traffic may cause clicks to increase, which means that you will consume the daily budget faster than usual. If your advertisement is currently profitable, you should consider increasing the daily budget to cope with the expected growth. If you find that the daily budget is used up before the end of the day, please gradually increase the budget until you find enough numbers to keep the advertisement.

Use advertising analysis

[Advertising Analysis] is a full -efficient advertising tool, which is included in the Suite version set of Jungle Scout. It summarizes the data of the seller's background and marketing activity manager to help sellers evaluate the effect of PPC.

You can always understand the performance and profitability of the PPC advertising series, which is especially important at this time of the year.


Find your target ACOS and Roas

Understand your Balanced ROAS (advertising expenditure return) and ACOS, that is, keep close attention to the performance of your advertising activities in the shopping season. At this time of each year, your click fee may be higher, so you need to know where the profit and loss point of the advertising activity is very clear.

Improve your keyword bid

As more and more sellers begin to advertise for products during the festival, your current keyword bids may not be reduced. According to the performance of your product, it is likely to increase your keyword bid to ensure that you get as many as possible.

You can change the price strategy in the activity manager of the advertising background, instead of changing the bid of each keyword you put manually. Select "Dynamic Bids-Up and DOWN". When your advertisement is more likely to be converted into sales, Amazon will automatically adjust your keyword bid for up to 100%. If Amazon thinks your advertisement will not be transformed, they will reduce your bid.


Test different advertising strategies

If you register for brand registration, you can use multiple types of advertising that other sellers cannot use. Testing various advertising types at this time at this time, the type of advertising you usually do not use may now be more suitable for you. In the fourth quarter, the more the advertising display position you can place in Amazon (even Amazon), the better.

• Brand advertisement allows you to create a customized shopping experience on Amazon and avoid advertising of a large number of competitors. Once the customer clicks your advertisement, they will be taken to your Amazon flagship store or custom floor page, and they can learn more about your products and brands in it.

• Displayed advertisements, allowing you to locate the products of competitors by placing advertisements in Listing of competitors. The most important thing is that sellers can re -position customers who have visited your Listing but not purchased to browse and then marketing. This makes you have a huge advantage than unregistered sellers.

• Brand Video Advertising, it allows brands to release video ads in Amazon search results! When your customers face so many choices, these striking advertisements help break the search results and attract customers' attention.


Select the holiday keywords to put in advertisements

Because these keywords are likely to be searched during the holidays, it is recommended that you add such new keywords in advertising activities. Anything related to gifts or festivals is a good idea.

For example, if you sell weaving baskets, you can connect it with Thanksgiving theme. You can locate keywords such as "Thanksgiving Decoration" and "Thanksgiving Festival Basketball".

Deadline: If you sell Halloween products, please start adjusting your advertising activities immediately. Otherwise, you can pay attention to the end of October/early November, which is the best time at the end of the shopping season.

3. Add comments

Do your best to increase the number of comments from all your products. This seems obvious, but the more comments you add now, the greater the help it helps you during the holiday peak.

As Amazon sellers, we all know how important product reviews are for your business. You can take the following measures to increase comments.

Using Jungle Scout's [Review Automation) can make sellers easily and automatically ask customers to comment, while 100% compliance. Just open this function, it will start pushing your client to push the Amazon format comments request. amazon shipping

You can still manually send a review request in the background of the seller, but Jungle Scout's automation comment management tool automatically uses the process to automatically skip the refund return order, so you don't even need to consider it. If you receive a lot of orders every day, this will save you for a few hours.


Want to understand more information about reviewing automation? Welcome to scan the QR code at the end of the text to launch consultation.

Amazon VINE Program

If you register the brand and complete the filing, you can use this opportunity to get a comment from the best commentator Amazon. The Amazon VINE program is a product review program created by Amazon to ensure that customers read honest and fair comments.

Reviewers will get your product for free and provide comments from the product. What needs to be clear now is that Amazon does not guarantee that you will receive product reviews. In fact, VINE commentators are usually very picky about the products they receive. But if you have confidence in your products, join this plan.

• The registration fee is $ 200

• The number of your product comments is within 30

• You must provide products for free

4. Create holiday promotion

Regardless of whether you register a brand, you can create promotion and coupon in the background of the seller. When you provide customers with purchase discounts, especially during large -scale events such as Prime Day or Black Friday, preferential activities are an attractive way to improve Amazon sales.

To create a promotion at the seller center, transfer to the "Advertising" tab and click "Promotion". Then click "Create a New Promotion".

Amazon will list your products that meet the conditions and promotion prices, unit discounts and promotion costs. But remember, if you want to promote it on Amazon, they will charge you. For 7 days of promotion, the cost is $ 300; for spike, the cost is $ 150. During large -scale events or holidays, trading costs may be higher. If the cost can be tolerated, then you may wish to test the effect of the promotion.

Create a coupon

Sellers can also create coupons, and customers can see the coupon in your listing. If you create coupons for the product, it will be displayed in the search results page so that customers can immediately see how much discounts they will get if they buy your product.


To create a coupon, go to the "Advertising" tab and click "Course". Then click "Create a New Coupon".

You can choose to provide a percentage discount or amount discount. Keep in mind that the minimum budget of the coupon is $ 100. The budget will be shared with you, and each discount exchange requires a $ 0.60 exchange fee.

The deadline: Create discounts a few weeks before large shopping activities or holidays.

Prime exclusive discount

Through this type of transaction, you can provide exclusive discounts for Amazon Prime members. Products with PRIME exclusive discounts will show the discount price in the search results, and the normal price is displayed as the drawn and saved.


At this time of each year, try some promotion or discount to attract customers to buy from you rather than competitors.

5. You need to be a delay reserved time that Amazon may appear

If you have been selling on Amazon for a while, you will know how the Amazon Logistics Center's support is, especially at the end of the year. The later the delivery, the more serious the delay in delivery to the Amazon Logistics Center.

As of August 2023, Amazon has not announced when the Christmas inventory arrives, but for Christmas in 2022, Amazon hopes that the inventory will arrive by December 1, so it is expected to be the same in 2023.

More suggestions from Amazon: We also recommend creating a FBM quotation (delivery by merchants) at the same time appear on your product details. In this way, if your inventory is delayed at the Amazon logistics distribution center, you can still distribute orders. If you have overseas warehouses, this method will be effective.

Transported products through FBM are wise ways to compete with possible competitors. If you have the seller's self-delivery Prime (Seller-Fulfilled Prime) qualification, even if you complete your own order, you will still have a Prime badge.

However, if the demand for your product is strong, the Prime badge is not related during the holidays -as long as the customer receives the product on time, they will still order products.

6. Understand the financial status of your company

It is extremely important to ensure that your company is profitable. At this time of the year (or any time in the year) -especially when you are going to spend more on promotion and PPC.

Using Jungle Scout's [Sales Analysis Tool] will help you fully understand every cost related to your Amazon business. You can see it as your financial management center.

Sales analysis tracks all your Amazon sales data (including PPC expenditure) in real time so that you can focus on the strategy of increasing sales and profitability.

Sales analysis provides useful indicators, so you can easily track the performance of each product and the overall performance of the company.


7. Prepare for the holiday return

A disadvantage of Amazon's sales is inevitable return. This is just part of doing business. Although many sellers are expected to be the best monthly sales in December, January is usually the busiest month in January.

In 2022, Amazon provided the extended holiday return policy. For any order placed between October 11 and December 25, 2022, it can be returned before January 31, 2023 -therefore, it is expected that the season of 2023 is also the same. Essence

Prepare for a successful holiday

If you keep active and make full preparations for the next few weeks, you will go smoothly on the road to success. Use your own seller account and data available in Jungle Scout to accurately predict the sales of the upcoming shopping season.

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