How to re-promote out-of-stock Amazon products?

In the process of opening an Amazon store, you will encounter some problems more or less. For example, if the inventory management is not done well, it will lead to the out-of-stock situation in the Amazon store. Amazon FBA

Once an Amazon store is out of stock, the impact will be very large, not only on sales, but also on the quality of the store on the platform. In the future, if the store has a higher weight It is more difficult. Many Amazon sellers are very afraid of running out of stock.

Of course, when there is no way out of stock, it is very important to seize the time to re-promote the product at this time, but when it comes to how to re-promote Amazon products that are out of stock, this is something that many sellers do not know. of Amazon sellers are aware of this issue.

So, how do you re-promote out-of-stock Amazon products?

Re-promoting out-of-stock Amazon products: Optimizing keywords on the Listing page

After the product is out of stock, it is very important to re-optimize the keywords on the listing page. This is a clothes moth problem that many sellers will ignore, because the listing keywords are likely to be different from the popular keywords after the link arrives when the product is out of stock. , Therefore, the keywords converted before the out-of-stock may not be suitable for the current listing, and need to be re-researched and optimized.

Re-promotion of out-of-stock Amazon products: Optimizing listing page images

Another is to optimize the listing page, optimize the page according to the pain points of the product feedback from previous buyers, and add some pain points to the main picture, so as to avoid negative reviews, and at the same time, observe competitors’ pages during the out-of-stock period If there is a better optimization point, please refer to Optimization. ocean freight

Re-promotion of out-of-stock Amazon products: do a good job of QA

Another thing is to do a good job in QA optimization. After a listing is out of stock, Amazon will judge it as an inactive link. Therefore, at this time, it is necessary to stimulate from various aspects. The QA section is a high-quality section with an enhanced keyword revenue mechanism. It can be used to activate the listing, or to express some product pain points again.

The above are some tips on how to re-promote out-of-stock Amazon products. You can adjust them according to your actual situation, so that the effect will be better.

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