MSC launches the third new route to the Middle East Article 3

The Mediterranean Shipping Corporation (MSC) uses the "Marabar" of Kachin Port's new regional route as the main port of all Middle East regions every week. Indian Ocean Service Network.

In a statement, the Kachin Port Global Hong Kong Affairs Bureau said: "This will provide faster, more stable and reliable services for traders in the India -Middle East Corridor, and use the powerful partnership between the two regions to promote economic growth . We are committed to expanding the trade route through more direct services and focusing on continuously improving our operating model to better serve customers. " maritime

MSC's newly launched "Marabal" service has become the third weekly service from the Middle East to the Middle East. It will play an indispensable role in strengthening bilateral trade between India and the Middle East. In addition, this service will enable Indian exporters to enter the market in the Middle East. "

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