Los Angeles and Changtan Port outer backlog container ships are clear!

It is reported that California's shipping officials have announced that the volume of container ship pressure in Los Angeles and Changtan Port has ended. On Tuesday, no container ship was waiting near Los Angeles and Long Beach Port. This is the first time since October 2020, the number of ships has fallen to zero for the first time.

KIP Louttit, executive director of the Southern California Maritime Exchange, said in a statement: "After 25 months of efforts, under the cooperation of Los Angeles and Longtan Port, Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) and Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA), two ports The congestion of the container ship has ended, and it is time to enter a different stage of operation. "

With the surge in consumer demand, the two ports have been congested since October 2020. By February 2021, the number of backlogs increased to 42, and after a few months, it fell to 9. However, with the arrival of the peak shipping season, the number of backlogs has been steadily increased to the end of last year, and it reached a peak of 109 ships in January this year.

Since then, with the slowdown of imports, consumption expenditure has shifted to the service industry, and the backlog has been decreased steadily, and it reached a single digit last month.

The congestion in Southern California may have ended, but the entire North America has not ended

Due to the concerns of labor negotiations on the West Coast Port, some goods are transferred to the east coast and the ports along the Gulf of Mexico, and ports such as Houston Port, Savana Port and New York-New Jersey are facing congestion. logistics

MarineTraffic's position data and port queue list shows that on Tuesday morning, 59 container ships waited outside North American ports, mainly on the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

This is still much higher than the level before the epidemic, and the numbers at that time were single digits. However, the congestion is obviously relieved. Compared with the peak earlier this year, the number of ships has fallen by 60%.

As of Wednesday morning, the highest backlog of the east coast was the port of Georgia Safana, with 28 container ships waiting for berth. There are 11 Virginia Harbor, 1 New York-New Jersey Port, and 1 Shama Liberty Port.

On the Bay of Mexico, six container ships are near Houston Port and one near the port of Mobil. On the West Coast, the number of ships in the Port of Auckland, California, has the largest number of ships, and 9 ships are waiting for berth. Two other ships outside Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Although the Southern California Maritime Exchange announced on Tuesday that the backlog of ships from Los Angeles and Long Beach Port was cleared, but the backlog was actually over in the past three months. Maritime 

Since August 24, only 7 ships have been lined up outside the port per day, and three or fewer situations have occurred many times.

If the import demand recovery or the supply chain has a new interruption, the number of ships in line may increase again. In addition, the number of ships may seem to be at a very low level, but it will not completely disappear, and it is expected to be consistent with the number of single digits since late August.

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