MSC takes action to reduce container loss risk

It is reported that Mediterranean Shipping (MSC) has signed a contract with Det Norske Veritas DNV to implement the new Anti-Roll Assist System and ARCS (Anti Roll Container Ship) class notation on about 100 ships.

The deal was signed at SMM, the world's largest shipping exhibition in Hamburg, and MSC will be the first company to install the app and the first in the world to implement a ship-specific tool to avoid parametric or synchronised rollovers. And the company that caused the loss of the container.

The World Shipping Council (WSC) launched a study in June this year after its report covering 2020 to 2021 showed a surge in the number of containers lost at sea, with an average of 3,113 containers lost over the two-year period, compared to the previous year. to 779.

DNV's new anti-roll assist system is said to help captains identify and avoid the risk of parametric and simultaneous resonance roll. Using a vessel-specific hydrodynamic database, the system can provide a risk map for the vessel based on the vessel's heading, speed, loading conditions and environmental conditions.

The contract covers MSC's newbuildings, vessels in operation and vessels to be built, ranging in size from 1,800 TEU to the largest vessels (approximately 24,000 TEU).

“We are always looking for new solutions to minimise risk and the new Anti-Roll Assist system provides MSC with a new tool to support our people on board and ashore. Implementing a new application on MSC allows both captains and crew to plan ahead and react when a potentially critical situation is identified. Applying this to our current newbuildings is a natural first step.” Giuseppe, Head of Newbuilding, MSC Gargiulo said.

Anti-roll assist systems can be stand-alone or integrated into other onboard systems such as tethered computers, weather routing tools or navigation systems. This is supported by the ARCS class notation, which enables shipowners to demonstrate to their customers that they have a strategy in place to minimise the risk of container loss.

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