Explosion catches fire in engine room of MSC container ship, crew injured

On the morning of June 21, an 8232TEU container ship "MSC RACHELE" under MSC's engine room exploded and caught fire in the Mediterranean Sea. Three crew members were injured and were evacuated by helicopter for medical treatment.

The container ship MSC RACHELE was on its way from the Italian port of Naples to the French port of Fos-sur-mer at the time of the accident.

Immediately after the accident, Cross Med, a search and rescue operations center in Toulon, France, organized a rescue operation and arranged an assessment team on board to determine the situation and the state of the ship.

The Cross Med report said the accident was caused by an explosion in the container ship's engine gearbox causing the propellers to fail, which brought the container ship to a standstill.

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According to reports, French authorities reported that the fire on the container ship had been brought under control on the afternoon of June 21, and the container ship MSC RACHELE was subsequently successfully towed to the port of Foss in southern France. There are no reports of contamination of the nearby waters by the ship.

MSC issued a brief statement confirming the explosion in the engine room of the container ship MSC RACHELE on the "Indus 2" service and said its priority was ensuring the safety of the crew. The condition of the container ship is currently being assessed.

"Our preliminary reports indicate that the containers on board were not damaged. We have notified customers with cargo on board of the incident with the ship and will keep them informed of the latest developments regarding the shipment and handling of the cargo," MSC said.

It is understood that the container ship "MSC RACHELE", IMO 9290282, with a deadweight of 101,874 tons and a capacity of 8,232 TEU, was built in 2005 and flies the flag of Panama. The ship is still at berth.

I would like to remind you that if there is a foreign trade enterprise carrying this ship, please keep in touch with the shipping company in time to understand the status of the goods and the impact of the subsequent shipping schedule.

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