The era of big data analysis: how to use Google tools to find popular products?


In today's era of rapid technological development, the value of data is invaluable, and this data will also help various Amazon sellers. However, how do we find the best selling niche on Amazon? This is a cyclical problem that has plagued many sellers. Google has such a free analysis tool that is useful for sellers to select products, and Google Trends is a treasure tool for Amazon sellers.

Through this tool, you can analyze a lot of data that sellers don’t know, but in the end, why do we analyze products? Therefore, when analyzing products, we need to understand product tendencies to see if the products you want to sell are seasonal, whether there is an increase in demand, is it a growth trend or a downward trend?

Many products have always had a wave-like trend. At the beginning, the demand for the product is very large, and then the demand will gradually weaken. Google's search engine is really the leading ability. In 2006, Google launched Google Trends, a free online tool to track popular trends. In fact, most of the data is Google Web Search, Google Shopping, Google News, Google Images and YouTube.

Enter keywords in Google Trends, you will see the average search volume, the general value is from 0 to 100 (years are optional). In addition, you can search for the item data you want to know for sale, and you can select a country in the region or search the world.

For example, when you search the globe for a lamp, you will find out which specific countries rank high for that particular keyword in the search. Plus Google Trends allows you to get all the data for a period of time you choose. Here are all the options.

Google Trends also gives us a place to find the data we need based on the platform: Web Search, Google Shopping, Google News, Google Pictures, and YouTube.

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Another important feature is that a comparison can be set for a specific product. Up to 5 keywords can be compared at the same time. If you have a broad understanding of your fan base audience preferences and data, you can search for data based on specific countries, regions, sub-regions or even cities.


Google Trends query

Google Trends can also give you an idea of the popularity and interest of related terms. Related queries can be up or top.

All the advantages of Google Trends

After analyzing all the information about the product, you will have a general idea of the specific situation to find the best selling niche and understand the market.

To summarize the advantages of Google Trends:

- Conduct keyword research

- Conduct product research

- Track data trends

- Understand industry, brand and product trends

-Analyze competitors

- Develop a marketing strategy

- Do content marketing

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