Just now, The global container ship order exceeded 900 and reached 901!

ONE has finally placed an order to build 10 post-Panamax container ships. Currently, the number of container ships in the world has exceeded 900!

10 large ship orders settled

In March this year, Xinde Maritime.com published a report "ONE has a big move: ordering 10 large ships + 6,500 containers", and ONE, established by the merger of the three major shipping companies in Japan, will spend at least US$1.6 billion to order in two shipyards Up to 10 post-Panamax container ships.

Container ship

Now that the news has finally been implemented, Xinde Maritime Network has learned from the latest news that ONE announced today that it has signed agreements with South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries and Japan’s Nihon Shipyard to order five 13,700TEU container ships in each of the two shipyards. The expected delivery time will be in 2025.

Relevant parties did not disclose the specific cost of these ships, but the broker's news said that the cost of a single ship will reach 160 million US dollars!

According to ONE, “the ships are designed to the highest efficiency standards and various cutting-edge technologies to reduce the environmental impact of sailing, including plans to use ammonia and methanol as fuel (to achieve methanol and ammonia fuel readiness), in addition to the addition of carbon Capture and store equipment."

ONE added that the newbuildings will allow the company to expand its exploration of long-term alternative fuels and decarbonization technologies in the future.

The company has previously said it is determined to be a leader in maritime decarbonisation and will remain committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 for sustainable ocean transport.

"The company will continue to make the necessary investments in green assets and technologies, while openly engaging with industry stakeholders," ONE said.

As previously reported by Xinde Maritime.com in the article "ONE will invest 20 billion US dollars, build about 80 ships + buy terminals to enter "end-to-end"", the company said in its latest strategic plan this year: "ONE will Committed to the liner business, with plans to invest at least $20 billion by 2030, provide our customers with a best-in-class supply chain, and achieve ONE’s decarbonization goals.”

Container ship

In terms of fleet investment, ONE plans to add 150,000 TEU of newbuilding capacity per year between this year and 2030, by replacing a portion of existing ships to meet demand and decarbonization goals while achieving moderate growth in fleet size.

ONE was established in 2017 from the merger of the three major shipping companies in Japan, K Line, Mitsui OSK Lines and NYK Line.

The company is also a partner of the container shipping alliance THE Alliance, working with Hapag-Lloyd in Germany, Yang Ming Shipping in Taiwan and HMM in South Korea.

According to Alphaliner, ONE is the sixth largest liner company with a total capacity of 1,528,387ateu.

901 ships, a record for container ship orders!

In a weekly market report sent to Xinde Marine Network last week, shipping consultancy Alphaliner said that although the current newbuilding price has reached a very high position. But container newbuilding orders have reached an all-time high.

Alphaliner said in a market report last week that the current order book for container ships is just under 900, with an overall capacity of 6.80 Mteu. And said that this is the largest order size in the history of liner shipping.

The proportion of the capacity of ships on order and the capacity of existing ships has increased from 8.2% in October 2020 to 27% in May 2022!

According to Alphaliner, the combined capacity of the newbuilding orders exceeds that of the existing fleets of COSCO Seafarer, Hapag-Lloyd and Evergreen Shipping, which are currently the fourth, fifth and sixth largest in the world respectively. Liner business.

Container ship

According to Clarkson's statistics as of the beginning of this month, the current number of newbuilding orders for container ships in the world is 891. This means that, under the conservative estimate that there are no other newbuilding orders, and the above-mentioned 10 newbuilding orders confirmed by ONE today, the current number of newbuilding orders for container ships in the world has exceeded 900, reaching 901. (It should be more or less)

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