Fruugo, a new blue ocean platform, can't be missed


In the post epidemic era, most countries have gradually abolished the home isolation policy, but online shopping is still the choice of most people. It is conservatively estimated that the compound growth rate of China's cross-border e-commerce market will reach 25% from 2020 to 2025. In 2019, B2B accounted for 74.1% of China's cross-border e-commerce scale, and the dominant position of B2B will continue to be strengthened in the future.

In global online sales, every cross-border person seeks to have a huge customer base market. With the increasing competitive pressure of the platform and the gradual saturation of the track, choosing a platform with less competition and more demand to sell to the broad audience beyond national boundaries has become a headache for sellers. In contrast, the fruugo platform, which opened in China in 2019, is a favorable opportunity for cross-border e-commerce sellers eager for new markets. Air freight

1、 Fruugo platform advantages

Fruugo is a British local e-commerce platform serving global cross-border transactions. There are 12 million independent visitors every month. About 50% of these visitors are consumers aged 25-35 from the United States, Switzerland and other developed countries with certain consumption strength. Its localized website business covers more than 40 countries and regions such as Europe and Asia, of which 93% of fruugo's orders belong to cross-border sales business. Fruugo platform has a perfect ecosystem, including localized logistics, payment, promotion, anti extortion and other seller support services. The platform can provide 28 language translation services for sellers and support local payment methods. At the same time, the platform will fund and manage local marketing activities to increase merchant traffic for sellers, Strive to minimize the burden on cross-border sellers.

2、 Entry conditions

1. Demand GTINs Global trade project code

2. Cross border e-commerce needs a valid business license and legal person identity

3. Have good goods

4. Platform sellers are not allowed to put self-made brand logos or text images

5. Logistics needs overseas distribution, which can reach ten countries and arrive within 14 days

6. Genuine goods need to be new products and cannot be renovated Air freight

3、 Platform Commission

When the transaction is concluded, 15% of the transaction volume will be charged as the Commission of the platform (excluding VAT), and 2.35% of the total transaction volume (including tax) will be charged as the capital service fee.

Here's an example. If you sell an item worth 50 euros, plus VAT, the total price is 60 euros. At this time, 15% of the commission charged by fruugo platform is 7.5 euros, plus 2.35% of the total transaction volume, i.e. 60 euros of capital service fee, 1.14 euros and 1.78 euros of VAT tax. Finally, the amount received by the seller is 49.31 euros.

Fruugo Hugo settled in this consultation

4、 Logistics prescription

The seller should ensure that the product package can arrive within 14 days. In order to help cross-border merchants ensure the timeliness of commodity logistics. Fruugo platform has launched the function of courier network status dashboard. This function can support querying the basic business operation of global express companies in more than 40 countries and regions in Europe and Asia.

5、 Hot selling products

Clothing: coat and backpack, coat, shirt, etc

Fitness and nutrition products: fitness equipment, protein powder and vitamin supplements

Toys: traditional and new toys, games, online dramas, the same type of linkage toys, etc

Cosmetics: special purpose cosmetics and non special purpose cosmetics (general cosmetics)

Consumer electronic products: computer, telephone, camera, navigator, etc

Furniture & electrical appliances: furniture decoration, gardening supplies, household appliances, large commercial appliances, etc

Pet supplies: pet supplies, pet food, etc

Sporting goods: professional sporting goods, outdoor appliances, etc

Shoes, bags and clothing products sold by the platform in 2020 and 2021 account for a huge cross-border market share. In the Q4 statistics of the platform in 2021, the sales of shoes and bags on the platform increased by 310.1%. In other markets, such as craft toys, game products and so on, the sales growth rate is nearly twice. Air freight

Fruugo platform will provide new strong support for cross-border sellers in China. Cross border people who want to test the water of a new large platform can learn more about this platform policy. So as to seize the development opportunity of new cross-border globalization in 2022.

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