There is a serious backlog of cargo in the Port of Vancouver, railway services have not been restore

There is a serious backlog of cargo in the Port of Vancouver, railway services have not been restored, highways have been partially closed, and truck drivers have gone on strike

Shippers who deliver goods through the Port of Vancouver face the threat of delays that will continue into next year. Rail services at the Port of Vancouver have not yet been fully restored, and two of the three major highways connecting the port with inland British Columbia are closed to truck drivers. In addition, some truck drivers issued strike notices.

The person in charge of the Port of Vancouver said that the supply chain disruption dwarfed the rail blockade in early 2020, which hindered port traffic for at least one month after being resolved.

The Canadian government is eager to help. Last week, it provided 4.1 million Canadian dollars ($3.21 million) to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority to build an empty container yard on a 40-acre site in Richmond. Deltaport, the largest maritime terminal in the Port of Vancouver, is about 15 miles away. The government has also established a mechanism to allow more truck drivers to bring essential goods into the United States without undergoing customs inspections at the border.

Nonetheless, marine terminals and truck drivers warned that recovery will be slow. Taking into account that in the absence of rail services, it takes at least 5 days for the terminal to recover after each day, the terminal operator said that it is expected that the backlog of goods will not be cleared within a few weeks.

FCL shipping from China to the U.S.


FCL shipping from China to the U.S.

The Port Authority stated that since the rains on November 13-15 caused floods and mudslides, the rail freight situation has deteriorated from "red" to "black", and the containers have been stranded for more than seven days before being loaded onto the train. According to relevant data, as of Monday, 10 container ships have been parked in Vancouver waiting for berths.

Transport Canada has closed Highway 5, the busiest Highway 5 from the Port of Vancouver to inland British Columbia, banning truck traffic, and it is expected that commercial traffic will not resume until the end of January. The Department of Transportation has also closed the Trans-Canada highway, also known as Highway 1, and is still determining how long it will take to reopen commercial traffic.

David Earle, president of the Trucking Association of British Columbia, said that this allows truck drivers to transport goods eastward via Highway 3, which is usually the least busy route, partly because the road turns sharply and has high up and down slopes.

▎Vancouver Port truck drivers will go on strike

In addition, on Monday, the union representing the truck drivers of the two freight companies in the Port of Vancouver issued a 72-hour strike notice, which means that from Friday, the Port of Vancouver will once again experience major chaos.

FCL shipping from China to the U.S.


FCL shipping from China to the U.S.

After negotiations with the Aheer Transportation Company failed to reach a new agreement, the union Unifor issued the strike notice. Last week, negotiations with Prudential Transportation Company also ended in failure.

Sara Slinn, a Canadian labor expert, said: “Port workers in all walks of life now have considerable bargaining power, but at the same time, there is a crisis in some parts of the province. I think the argument that strikes will pose a threat to the economy is not unreasonable. "

At the same time, the Port of Vancouver is working hard to clean up the backlog of imported goods. A marine terminal manager said that some container shipping companies have transferred their ships to Prince Rupert, where the shipping companies unload their cargo, while others hope to ship the cargo to the Port of Tacoma.

FCL shipping from China to the U.S.

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