Out of stock in peak season! There is a serious backlog of DHL cargo in Hong Kong

Out of stock in peak season! There is a serious backlog of DHL cargo in Hong Kong, FedEx's limit has increased, and a big delay has come...

Once the cross-border e-commerce industry enters November, it means the advent of the shopping carnival season. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas have successively stimulated consumers' shopping needs.

In order to be able to grasp the traffic in the peak season in time, sellers usually prepare the goods in advance and send them to the warehouse, which also leads to the situation that the warehouse is liquidated in advance.
shipping from china to amazon

shipping from china to amazon

Recently, due to the surge in shipments, DHL has issued an urgent notice:

Due to the serious backlog of liquidation, the seller's goods may be delayed, and the warehousing time is longer, and the price may increase accordingly.

From the perspective of DHL Express, some sellers have reported that the delivery speed is slow, and the shipment has not been shipped on the 7th day of arranging. There has been no logistics update for nearly 10 days from the 12th to the present, and it is even unable to deliver the goods and various unexpected situations. In this regard, many sellers are very anxious.

The seller delivers the goods ahead of time so that the goods can be put on the shelves before the peak season. If the congestion is already started now, resulting in logistics delays, it will also cause losses to the sellers, and they will inevitably be more anxious.

Therefore, sellers who want to ship via DHL recently must make reasonable arrangements. If it is urgent, you need to choose other express delivery to avoid affecting the peak season delivery.

However, the situation of FedEx is not optimistic. Due to the rapid increase in freight volume, Fedex has also increased its limit. The subsequent export channels will highlight serious delays.

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In addition, the congestion situation in Los Angeles, USA has not yet eased.

Gene Seroka, executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, said that 25% of the cargo stayed at the terminal for more than 13 days. Previously, the number of squeezed goods was more, almost twice the current amount.

The cause of port congestion is, on the one hand, the shortage of various jobs and the lack of skilled dock workers, truck drivers and railway staff to load and unload containers.

On the other hand, the reason is that since the epidemic, consumers have become more and more pragmatic in spending, reducing a lot of travel and entertainment budgets to buy necessities.

According to data, Americans are spending more and more money on shopping instead of going on vacation or eating out. Consumer product demand is 22% higher than before the new crown pandemic (February 2020 compared with August 2021).

The arrival of important festivals such as Heiwuwangyi and Christmas has also greatly increased the transportation volume of festival supplies and daily necessities.

Sellers must be mentally prepared, and it remains to be seen whether this problem can be resolved in the future. You can learn about express logistics information from multiple parties and choose a channel with a faster delivery to warehouse.

shipping from china to amazon

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