What is FCL container DDP to door shipping?


What is FCL container DDP to door shipping?

Shipping FCL container DDP to door is an all-inclusive international logistics service suitable for cross-border trade. Let’s take a 

closer look at this term:

- Full container shipping: refers to the transportation of the entire container, from the origin to the destination.

- DDP: The abbreviation of Delivered Duty Paid, which means that the seller will transport the goods to the destination and bear all 

costs and risks, including import customs clearance procedures and taxes.

- Door-to-door: Indicates that the goods will be delivered directly to the destination specified by the buyer, and the buyer does not need

 to worry about other links.


Why choose DDP sea shipping?

- Worry-free and convenient: Buyers don’t have to deal with customs and taxes, they just have to wait for the goods to arrive.

- Applicable to a variety of goods: DDP transfers the risk to the seller while protecting the interests of the buyer.

Shipping full container DDP to door: full process analysis

For the transportation of full container DDP by sea, the following information must be provided to ensure accurate quotation:

Provide the consignor and consignor company name


contact number

Port of departure, port of destination

Delivery Address

Shipping address (including zip code)

Product name/HS code of the goods

Cargo weight

Number of containers

Value and other information

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