DDP FCL to door process introduction


DDP FCL to door process introduction,DDP FCL  sea freight

DDP FCL to door means that the seller transports the goods to the destination designated by the importing country and goes through the import customs

 declaration procedures. The seller needs to bear all transportation costs and pay any import "tax" that should be paid at the destination when customs 

procedures need to be completed. "Fees" taxes and other fees and deliver the goods to the address designated by the buyer.

The DDP FCL-to-door operation process is roughly as follows:

When booking space, the seller provides the company name/address/contact person/phone number of the consignor and consignor, port of departure/port of 

destination, pick-up address/delivery address (including postal code), product name/HS code of the goods, weight of the goods/number of containers/ Value 

and other information.

The seller picks up the goods, transports them from the factory or warehouse to the port of departure, and loads them into containers.

The seller declares for export, applies for an export license or other official approval documents, and pays the customs clearance fees required for export, as 

well as all duties, taxes and other fees payable for export.

The seller ships by sea, delivers the goods with the shipping company, and issues a bill of lading. Seller pays ocean freight and other shipping charges. 

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The seller shall clear the goods for import, handle customs clearance procedures at the port of destination, pay customs clearance fees required for import, 

and pay all import duties, taxes, and other fees.

The seller delivers the goods, picks up the goods from the destination port, and arranges container towing, unpacking, local delivery and other services, 

delivers the goods to the address specified by the buyer, and obtains the consignee's signature.

Finally, you need to carefully choose a trustworthy DDP freight forwarding company to transport your goods. After all, the biggest risk in DDP trade terms lies 

with the seller. Entrusting the goods to a freight forwarding company with many years of shipping qualifications and good reputation ensures nothing goes wrong.

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DDP FCL to door process introduction,DDP FCL  sea freight

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