For overweight and oversized shipments, choose air transportation + tail-end truck DDP delivery, which is worthy of your choice.

Air freight forwarding has always been suitable for small and medium-sized commodities. For many oversized goods, when urgent replenishment is

 required and timeliness is pursued, the only service available is sea export, and the delivery time cannot reach the timeliness of air freight. Now the

 US air freight DDP service has been upgraded again! We can choose air freight + truck DDP delivery service for oversized and heavy goods.


overweight and oversized shipments choose air transportation + tail-end truck DDP delivery

Introduction to U.S. air + truck DDP dedicated line services:

       Oversized and overweight shipments are delivered to the United States through air + truck services, and support delivery to FBA warehouses

 or commercial or private addresses. 

 Xiangcheng shipping agent has been operating in the field of air transportation + tail-end truck delivery logisticsservices in the United States for 13 years.

Having its own logistics service team, customs clearance agency and truck team can ensure that your goodsarrive at their destination safely and quickly. Large goods with a volume of 500-1000kg or more are more suitable to use American empty cards, 

and 300-400kg can also be shipped, but the price will be higher. Secondly, choosing the American air truck DDP service can deliver goods to the warehouse 

faster, because the transportation around some popular FBA warehouses is more convenient and truck delivery is more efficient. Finally, it is also suitable for

 large goods with private addresses. These goods can be flown directly to the nearby airport and then delivered by truck to quickly and safely reach the 


       The service transportation method of air + truck DDP is very flexible and can better meet the needs of different customers. If you have the need to deliver

 large goods to business or private addresses, this international air transport line is definitely an option worth considering!


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