DDP air freight forwarding logistics services

We provide DDP air freight  forwarding logistics services. From domestic warehousing, packaging, customs declaration, and delivery to US customs clearance,

 delivery, and receipt, we are responsible for handling them all. We can accept individual customs declarations, so that you can save worry and effort.

We independently developed the TMS logistics track system to provide full tracking and real-time feedback services, allowing you to know the status

 and location of your goods at any time.


DDP air freight  forwarding

Our company has launched the following DDP air freight dedicated line services:

  1. DDP air delivery speed to USA

  2. DDP air dispatch arrives on time to USA

  3. DDP air truck delivery to USA

Shanghai has direct flights to 4 major airports in the United States, with at least 3 flights per week. The withdrawal time can be up to 3 days, and some

 services also have overtime compensation guarantee! American empty cards are suitable for transporting large/heavy cargo. Direct delivery to addresses

 starting with U.S. zip codes 9 has obvious advantages. The time limit will vary depending on the address. If you want to know more about the specific 

and detailed services, please leave your contact information online. Our shipping manager will tailor a logistics plan for you that saves money and worries.


DDP air freight  forwarding

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