What is the essential difference between DDP and LDP? DDP freight forwarding


What is the essential difference between DDP and LDP? DDP freight forwarding

DDP and LDP, these two delivery methods are often used in international trade, but what are the differences between them?

DDP and LDP are fundamentally different in terms of responsibility and risk-taking.

DDP transports the goods to the location designated by the buyer, and the seller must bear all risks and costs of transporting the goods to the designated 

destination, including any "taxes" payable at the destination when customs procedures are required. LDP, like DDP, requires the seller to deliver the goods to 

the location designated by the buyer after paying the import tax. The seller is responsible for all risks and expenses, including import taxes, customs inspection 

fees, and any fees that must be paid when the goods are imported and delivered to the buyer. Any other taxes or fees.

There is relatively little LDP trade, which mainly occurs when dealing with American customers, and it involves a lot of clothing. In the early years, quotas were 

required for clothing exports to the United States. Since the clothing export quota is fixed every year, when there are too many people, the goods are transited

 through a third country and then shipped to LA, the United States, to evade the quota restrictions. Starting from January 1, 2005, quota restrictions on textile 

and clothing trade among WTO members have been lifted and the era of free trade has entered. This means that clothing exports to the United States no longer

 need to be transited through a third country.

In recent years, in the Sino-US apparel trade, American buyers are no longer satisfied with DDP. They also hope that domestic suppliers can provide them with 

LDP services.

So whether to choose DDP or LDP service needs to be decided according to the specific situation and needs.


What is the essential difference between DDP and LDP? DDP freight forwarding

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