Export growth is under pressure! Volver was released from January to July National Port

NO.1 Volume from January to July National Port Published

A few days ago, the Ministry of Transport released data from port cargo and container throughput from January to July of 2023. From January to July, a total of 9.62 billion tons of cargo throughput was completed in ports, an increase of 7.8%year-on-year, of which internal and foreign trade throughput increased by 9.2%and 8.8%, respectively; 180 million bids for container throughput were completed, an increase of 4.5%year-on-year.

Compared with data last month, the growth rate of domestic trade has increased, and the growth rate of exports continues to pressure. According to data from the General Administration of Customs, according to US dollars, in July this year, my country's imports and exports of 482.92 billion US dollars fell by 13.6%. Among them, the exports were US $ 281.76 billion, a decrease of 14.5%; imports were US $ 2011.6 billion, a decrease of 12.4%.

From January to July, the top 10 nationwide container throughput: Shanghai Port (1), Ningbo Zhoushan Port (2), Qingdao Port (3), Shenzhen Port (4), Guangzhou Port (5th ), Tianjin Port (6th), Xiamen Port (7), Suzhou Port (8), Beibu Gulf Port (9), Rizhao Port (10th).

NO.2 Panama Canal has led cargo to considering alternative routes

Due to the intensification of restrictions on the Panama Canal, freight vendors may need to find alternative routes to avoid potential cargo delays.

"The delay of the Panama Canal has now reached 15 days or even longer, and it may increase," said the CEO of Worldwide Logistics, "the importer/exporter community has not fully felt this impact, because these longer delays have just been just now. It appears. "

The delays of these canals are produced under the influence of the dry spring and the weather mode near the El Nino, which reduces the water level of the nearby Gagan. Therefore, the Panama Canal implemented restrictions in June to save water by maintaining the depth of the ship's water, until the next few months or weather changes significantly.

No.3 SM Group or withdraw from the acquisition HMM

Samra Midas Group, the parent company of SM LINE with HMM, has changed the plan to acquire the Korean government's equity in this Korean flagship container transportation company.

It is reported that the SM Group did not submit the purchase of HMM at the time of bidding on August 21, although Woo Oh-Hyun, the founder of SM Group, was the first person to indicate HMM.

In 2016, HMM transformed it with the debt of the policy lender Korea Development Bank into equity, and was controlled by the state. With the economic prosperity of HMM in the economic prosperity of the new coronary virus infection (COVID-19), the government believes that it is appropriate to let HMM get rid of the support of taxpayers.

NO.4 Florida will encounter a strong hurricane attack

Florida, USA is about to encounter a strong hurricane attack. With the tropical storm, it is close to the Hurricane intensity in Mexico Gulf on Monday, which will bring storm waves to threatening life to the Tanpa Bay area.

The National Hurricane Center said in a warning statement at 20 o'clock in New York that Edalia's continuous wind speed was 70 miles (113 kilometers) per hour, which was slightly lower than the extent of the hurricane. Three -level intensity of 120 miles per hour.

Data from the disaster modeling company ENKI Research shows that according to its actual operation, Idalia may cause up to $ 10 billion in losses.

NO.5 Mexican truck driver strikes, the number of people is 300,000

According to members of the Mexican Transportation Alliance (AMOTAC), Mexico ’s nation’ s freight truck driver plans to hold large -scale strikes and protests on Tuesday (29th) and Wednesday (30th).

It is understood that the two -day strike may include as many as 300,000 truck drivers to participate. Strikes are scheduled to start at 8 am on Tuesday. The main highway will be blocked and may disrupt domestic and international freight in the country. AMOTAC said it represents more than 75%of the country's commercial freight, tourism and buses.

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