"Together, create the future together" Changde branch outdoor development activities

"Together, create the future together" Changde branch outdoor development activities
           If poetry and the distance are always out of reach, then I think: the best way of life is to run on the ideal road with a group of like-minded people. There is a story of the way back, the steady footsteps of bowing, and the raising of your head. Clear distance.

         May 16th coincides with the weekend; the long rain and the first clear, the sun is warm.

        All partners of the Changde branch, under the leadership of the company’s leaders, came to Sanshuiwan Farm, located in the Taohuayuan Scenic Area, a national 5A-level scenic spot, for a one-day outdoor development activity.

Break the ice and start camp

          At 9:00 in the morning, the event kicked off with the coach’s passionate whistle. Under the leadership of the coach, all members played an ice-breaking game. Everyone brainstormed broadly and quickly decided on an interesting team name, a passionate slogan, and a creative team type, which made everyone laugh and a sense of belonging to the team began to sprout.

         Team No. 1: Invincible Team Slogan: Team 1 is Invincible!

         Team No. 2: Youth Team Slogan: I am young and beautiful!

         Team No. 3: Pioneer Slogan: Pioneer Pioneer Climb the High Front!

             Dragon goes to sea

            All members of each team connect their feet from the starting point to the finishing point to complete the competition. Through this project, the team's sense of cooperation, mutual support and tacit understanding will be cultivated; leadership's prestige and organizational skills; collective work methods.

             Crossing the line of fire:

            All team members are required to cross the 1.5-meter-high life-and-death line without the help of any external force. During the crossing, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to communicate or make any sounds. Through this project, we cultivate the team's overall collaboration and cooperation, and work together to find the right skills to do things. Both eagerness and recklessness will encounter failure. Only relying on the tacit cooperation of the team can the task be completed.

            The most exciting way to cross the line of life and death, there is no support, no dependence, only mutual cooperation in the team, when we step on the body of our companions to cross the seemingly impossible line of life and death, we see that some people in the team are dedicated and sacrificed. . Ya Que was silent at the scene, but her heart was ups and downs. In the end, our team successfully crossed the line of life and death in just 2 rounds. Everyone hugged each other in excitement, with moving tears in their eyes.


               Travel to Taohuayuan Ancient Town

               The outreach training ended perfectly in the morning. After eating the special food at the farm at noon, the friends came to the ancient town of Taohuayuan, laughed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way. Put aside the boring life together, expect colorful dreams and many beautiful things!

         A group of people, a heart, a group of people, a road, this is the Xiangcheng people! This is also the biggest gain of this team building! Let us live up to the time and move forward! May we remain romantic and loving, and the future must be the sea of stars!

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