How to improve the timeliness of logistics in Eastern Europe? Export E-Poland warehouse helps sellers fulfill orders!

In the territory of cross-border e-commerce, the growth of e-commerce market in Eastern Europe is much higher than that in other regions of Europe, attracting many cross-border sellers and platforms to dig gold, and the Polish market is the first to bear the brunt.

It is reported that Amazon, AliExpress and Shopee have all opened Polish stations at the same time. eBay is also announcing that it will return to the Polish e-commerce market and open Polish stations.

Poland is located at the "crossroads" of Europe. Due to the development of e-commerce and logistics, Polish consumers have high expectations for delivery. In order to meet the needs of consumers, AliExpress has more than 500 sets of self lifting cabinets covering six core cities in Poland. Amazon has set up 10 distribution centers in Poland, and recently announced the addition of large distribution centers in Poland.

Export is easy to establish Polish warehouse to help sellers fulfill orders

In 2022, in order to help the majority of sellers to explore the Polish market, it is easy to establish a Polish warehouse for export. The warehouse is located in the capital Warsaw, covering an area of 11700 square meters. The warehouse is operated by an international standardized assembly line, with an average daily processing capacity of up to 15000 pieces/day. It is equipped with 20 unloading platforms to fully guarantee the efficient processing efficiency of the warehouse, free from the impact of orders bursting in the peak season, and the delivery service covers Poland and the European Union.

Cross border sellers can better meet the timeliness demands of Polish consumers by using overseas warehouses. According to foreign media statistics, 25% of Poles hope to receive goods within 1-2 days, 67% of Poles hope to receive goods within 3-5 days, and only 5% of Poles can accept logistics delivery time of more than 6 days.

The export E-Poland warehouse provides a perfect two-way delivery channel, which is suitable for all kinds of delivery needs, and the channel quality is stable. You can choose the channel according to the cost, price, timeliness and product type of the product: local standard delivery (1-3 days); EU standard delivery (2-7 days); EU bulk cargo delivery (1-3 days); FBA express/blackboard delivery (1-3 days).

If you want to know more about the overseas warehouse service of Export Easy, please add an account manager or negotiate cooperation through the "Export Easy" public account!

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