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When Amazon sellers want to promote new products in their stores, Amazon advertising is the best way to quickly gain a lot of exposure and traffic through advertising during the new product period, and understand how this product performs in the market. So, what to do with Amazon's new arrivals ads?

(1) Advertisement type: Automatic (suitable for beginner advertisers)

Automatic ads are placed by Amazon for us, and are suitable for most new products and newbies. If it is a relatively familiar product, you can directly open it according to the type of advertising that you have previously performed better.

(2) Budget: $20-$40

The budget should be controlled according to your own promotion plan and profit goals. In the early stage, we can achieve breakeven as much as possible. Don't sprint blindly in advertising, you can't just go online for a few hundred dollars, unless it's some categories that need to be traded

(3) Bidding: The suggested bidding price may be slightly higher than the suggested bidding price.

For some categories, it is recommended to bid very high. For example, the cost per click reaches $3-$4, but you don’t want to spend such a high budget. You can try to create different ad groups with multiple bids to test the best bid.

(4) QA link

1. Do automatic advertisements have to be opened to 20-40 dollars?

A: Any advertisement should be viewed in combination with the performance, profit, and promotion rhythm of its own products. The theory and reality are different, so don’t follow the script. You can even start with $10 and work your way up or make adjustments as you watch.

2. How much Acos for automatic advertising is better?

A: The standard to measure the success of advertising must not be low ACOS. Based on the different goals of advertising, the final ACOS will definitely be very different. Low ACOS is a dimension of judgment, but more often it should be combined with the goals of advertising. Advertising is ultimately able to promote the sale of the product as a whole, thus making a profit. This is the real criterion. Off-season and peak season, different customer unit price, different promotion cycle, acos are very different.

3. The effect of automatic advertising is not good, should I close it?

A: As a way to quickly obtain traffic and keywords, automatic advertising is popular in the early stage of the product. In the later stage, it can be optimized according to the promotion strategy, or automatic advertising can be turned off.

4. Can the ad be adjusted every day?

A: Don't adjust the advertisement frequently, it is recommended to adjust it every 7 days.


(1) Advertisement Type: Manual (Precise)

It is very important to understand the precise keywords of your products and Amazon's positioning. Extensive and phrase matching is not conducive to the long-term development of listings. If you are a novice, if you don’t have enough control over precise keywords, and really want to do broad and phrase matching, it is recommended to adjust your bid to half of the exact keyword.

(2) Budget: arrange by yourself

Arrange according to your grasp of keywords and long-term profit goals

(3) Sources of precise words: opponents, software, automatic advertisements, other service provider reports

If it is accurate long-tail keywords obtained from automatic advertising, it is recommended to select keywords with a conversion rate of 100%, that is, keywords that can lead to one conversion after one click

Note: For products with obvious price advantages, product positioning can be opened at the same time

(4) QA link

1. Can I only open keywords accurately for manual advertising?

A: Manual advertising includes product placement and keyword placement, both of which are optional. In addition, there are 3 modes of key word placement, extensive, phrase and precise matching, which can be turned on at the same time, and you can adjust the bid.

2. If you only open it accurately, the bidding will be expensive and the traffic will be low. What should I do?

A: The problem of expensive bidding can be adjusted by adding broad and phrase matching. Don’t open too many precise words, you can break through one by one. If you only open accurate ads and feel that there is very little traffic, you can try to open N precise ads at the same time (direct copy).

3. Is it necessary to open accurate advertising in the early stage?

A: Skilled operation can open accurate advertisements in the early stage, so that it is very important for the Amazon system to quickly recognize our products. If you are a novice, you can wait for the automatic advertising effect to come out before opening accurate advertising, which mainly depends on the operator.

4. How can I see my keyword natural ranking and advertising ranking after I open a precise advertisement?

You can manually search at the front desk yourself, or you can use software, such as: Seller Wizard's keyword collection; H10's KeywordTracker, leading star's tool - keyword ranking, etc.

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Note: It is highly recommended to do video promotion for functional products, and a huge banner advertising booth on the homepage. Brand landing pages and product set promotions can be done during Lightning Deals and peak seasons.

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