What is the difference between negative phrases and negative precision in Amazon Advertising, and how to plan for it?


  1. Differences between Ad Negative Phrases and Negative Precision

(1) What types of words can negate a phrase

1. If it is similar to women, men, it is not recommended to negate phrases, because if your core audience is: women; men, then related words will be negated.

2. It is suggested that words that are completely unrelated to the product can negate the phrase, but in general, the negation is as accurate as possible because if you negate women clothes

Will be denied together with: women clothes for party or fashion women clothes

(2) What does the search term data from the advertisement mean?

Exposure: more exposure to consumers

Clicks: more in front of consumers

Purchase volume: healthy market supply and demand, competitive products

CTR: The product has an advantage

Conversion Rate: Conversion Rate

ACOS: Input-Output Ratio

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(3) Several important core points of advertising

1 Effectiveness of the flow port

2 Core audience groups

3 Control of the relationship between supply and demand, some flow ports are in short supply, and some are in excess of demand

4 The invalid flow port should be denied in time

II. How to do new product planning

(1) Inventory planning

Ranking of competing products, estimated sales: maintain the hot-selling sub-body for three months

If we know the sales rhythm throughout the year, I know how much inventory to stock, how to pay for advertising, and if we can plan ahead, then we won't be out of stock

(2) Pricing planning

1. Start-up period: 10-15% lower than the market average Purpose: Let search engines quickly identify our products

2. Growth stage: 5-10% lower than the market Purpose: to consolidate the ranking position of the product

3. Mature period: the same as the market or 10%-15% higher than the market Purpose: profit

4. Recession period: 15%-20% lower than the market Purpose: Clear inventory quickly and withdraw funds

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(3) Promotion planning

1. Precise words: grab the head position (see the product)

Focus on the data: CTR

2. Inaccurate words – necessary words for the start-up period

Attention: exposure, clicks

Have our exposure and clicks allowed search engines to recognize what our product is? After knowing what our product is, we should start to shrink traffic. Just like: floor lamps The search engine knows that my product is related to floor lamps. But the search engine is not clear, my product is the same as corner floor lamps.

If my product is in the search results of floor lamp, and I belong to the niche, then my conversion rate will inevitably be low, because I will face a lot of competition from "popular type" products

corner floor lamp - role: to make search engines more clear about our products and what products to put together

(4) Customer Type

1. I want it, so I go to buy it, as long as the style can be, I don't care about the price

What customers care about: style, product itself

2. It's cheap, so I'll buy it

What customers care about: cheap

3, cheap, good style, and show others

If after I cut the price, the position of the advertisement has been adjusted again, but I still can't clear it, calculate and like the cost of disposal and the cost of off-site drainage

Stimulate consumers' desire to buy through promotions. Customers will judge whether the discount of the product is attractive enough in the first 3 seconds after seeing the product. If the product meets the needs of customers and the discount is large enough, Customers are more likely to place orders, and there is a huge difference between Chinese consumption habits and American consumption habits

(5)It is important to plan ahead

For example, put in 100W at the beginning

The estimated profit is 20%. If the advertising is increased by 10%, then the profit has not dropped to 10%. If there are too many advertisements, and the product needs to be thickened again, has the profit margin dropped from 20% to 0%?

If the intermediate advertising fee is increased by 10%, the inventory is out of stock, so the traffic is interrupted, the traffic control is not accurate, the words are not timely, or the bidding is not adjusted carefully enough. There is also product redundancy due to the wrong product selection, with a redundancy of 10%

How to generate compound interest in the end: To generate compound interest, it is a link. Originally, one model makes money, otherwise it will keep adding money-making styles.

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