Amazon FBA packaging and labeling requirements

FBA shipping is the most basic problem of Amazon's operations. If some details are wrong, many follow-up problems will often arise.

For example, it is a headache and time-consuming to deal with the situation of mislabeling, and it will also incur unnecessary expenses.

If it is found that the goods have not been placed in the Amazon warehouse in time, then you can directly contact the forwarder to contact the overseas warehouse for bid exchange; for the goods that have been sent to the Amazon warehouse, you need to open a case to ask Amazon, and you can remove the goods to the overseas warehouse for bid exchange. If there is no overseas warehouse service, just open a case and ask Amazon for a replacement service, but the fee is definitely not small. The following is a summary of the basic requirements for FBA shipments. I hope to give you some help to avoid pits in advance:

1. Shipping restrictions

a. Amazon shipping restrictions

In order to break the shipping restrictions, some sellers went to service providers to expand their capacity. As a result, many sellers who broke the shipping restrictions received large or small penalties.

These penalties include, but are not limited to, refusal to enter the warehouse, the cancellation of the shipment, the imposition of high excess storage fees, and so on. So don't rush to find service providers to use black technology to break through shipping restrictions.

b. Determine the maximum shipping quantity

Before shipping, the seller must first determine his own maximum shipping quantity and maximum storage capacity. Sellers who exceed these two limits will also receive the above-mentioned penalties (including but not limited to refusal to enter the warehouse, shipments being cancelled, high excess storage fees, etc.).

2. Shipping product and product packaging size

a. FBA single box weight maximum

♦ The weight of the carton containing jewelry and watches cannot exceed 18kg;

♦ The size of any side of the carton shall not exceed 63.5cm, unless the size of the single item sold exceeds 63.5cm.

♦ If the size of any side of the carton exceeds 63.5cm, then the carton needs to be placed on a 1mX1.25m pallet, unless the size of the carton of a single product sold exceeds the size of the standard pallet.


b. U.S. FBA warehousing weight and packaging size requirements

♦ The weight of the carton package should not exceed 23kg. If the weight of a single piece of merchandise is more than 23kg, it is necessary to post a clear label "Team Lift" on the carton, indicating that the team is required to operate;

♦ If the weight of the box exceeds 45kg, it needs to be on the carton



Post a label that clearly posts "Mech Lift", indicating that a machine is required to operate it.

c. European FBA storage weight and packaging size requirements

♦ The weight of the carton must be less than or equal to 15kg. If a single piece of merchandise is larger than 15kg, a warning sign of "overweight" needs to be posted on the four sides of the carton. (The label needs to be printed in color and not less than 200px on each side).

♦ The size of any side of the carton cannot exceed 63.5 cm, unless the size of a single shipment exceeds 63.5 cm. A single carton with a size of more than 63.5 cm (such as non-portable) must be placed on a standard 1000 x 1250 mm pallet (UK only) or 800 x 1200 mm pallet (other European countries), unless the size of the single carton that can be shipped exceeds Standard pallet size;

3. Outer box packing method

a. Material

For the protection of warehouse staff and the improvement of work efficiency, Amazon prohibits sellers from using packing straps, elastic bands, nylon fiber tape, large staples, etc. in the outer box packaging.


b. Rugged and durable

If the box is damaged during transportation, the product is exposed or the label is not clearly worn, Amazon may refuse to accept your goods.


4. Labeling

Whether it is the outer box label or the product label, the "MADE IN ......." mark must be added. Each product corresponds to a label, so each product must be labeled. It is recommended that each side of the outer box be labeled with a label. (Note: You can scan the label by yourself before printing to see if it can be scanned successfully)


product label


Outer box label

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