Practical questions and answers on Amazon operations

Practical questions and answers on Amazon operations

Practical questions and answers on Amazon operations(图1)

Q: What's wrong with the price hidden product displayed on Amazon's front desk listing?

A: There are reasons to click open. The manufacturer must maintain the market price. You are not allowed to sell at a price lower than the manufacturer's suggested retail price. If it is lower, the price will be hidden. You raise the price first, and the original price will return to normal.

Q: When the Amazon account encounters the need to provide tax identification information, will it encounter video verification postcard verification after submitting it as required?

A: Tax identification information verification is basically done every year, and other audits will not be triggered under normal circumstances.

Q: Recently we have some listings that are not ranked. Is there any way to solve it? Not new, but old

A: This situation may be caused by a problem with the Amazon system. You can open a case and ask customer service to refresh it for you, and it will be restored to normal.

Q: If the product is the same, I want to make a new link and invalidate the previous link. Do I need to change the picture and copy, or just use the previous one?

A: First of all, you need to delete or discontinue the previous link. If you repost, you'd better change the picture and copy.

Q: Can I apply for Amazon Outlet promotions without being recommended?

A: At present, you can only sign up when recommended by the system.

Q: Must the invoice for shipment difference investigation be a real invoice? Is it possible to use an excel form to make a proforma invoice?

A: In the past, invoices made with excel sheets were fine, but now you need to use real invoices.

Q: Have you ever encountered an error message when changing the title of a product?

A: You can open a case and ask the customer service why. It may be that there is a problem with your title editing authority. Or you try to refresh with the template to see.

Q: The same company is the holder, has four ABCD brands, and has registered four ABCD accounts respectively. There is no authorization between each other, the store registration information is all different, and the IP environment is completely different. Will they be related?

A: This kind of non-connection. It is normal for a person or a company to own multiple brands and then put them on record in different stores.

Q: The delivery of the self-delivery order logistics has been displayed, but the Amazon background still shows that it has been shipped. How do I manually click the confirmed receipt, or can I only wait for the buyer to confirm?

A: If the seller cannot manipulate the receiving information, only the buyer can confirm it.

Q: I have recently had several refund reasons for refusal of delivery. I suspect that Amazon did not deliver. Is this the reason I want to ask? If yes, can I apply for compensation?

A: In this case, Amazon will generally not recognize the application for compensation. The customer service will say that the buyer chooses a reason when returning the product, which is not within the scope of Amazon's compensation.

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