Amazon's QA Operational Highlights-What are the consequences of repeated listings?

Q: The box rules in the delivery plan are filled in incorrectly. Now the goods have been shipped, will it affect it?

There is no problem if you do not exceed the limit, but it is recommended that you fill in the correct size in the future, and the error should not be too large.

Q: Do you need to buy insurance if you haven't reached the sales required to buy insurance?
You don't need to buy it first, and you can buy it after you receive the Amazon email.

Q: Can I still use the previous listings that have been out of stock for a long time? Is it better to create a new one?
If you still want to test it, it is recommended to send a small amount of goods to see. However, it is better to create a new listing. If the previous listing has high-quality rating data, you can also choose to merge variants later.

Q: Can I use the new store to follow the listings of my blocked store? Is there any risk?
It is recommended not to follow such listings, because your store must be blocked because of violations, and the recent stricter Amazon policy, new stores may also be affected.

Q: Does it matter if I frequently order payment in advance in Amazon stores?
This is an operation allowed by Amazon and has no effect.

Q: How do you operate in the case of remote registration? Are there any risks?
You can register, just operate normally, there is no risk.

Q: Will I be charged if I participate in the spike? If it has no effect at all? No single order
There will still be a fee, and participation in the spike does not guarantee the effect.

Q: What are the consequences of creating duplicate listings?
The listing will be deleted from the list, and the store will be closed directly.

Q: If the company is cancelled, what impact will it have on the store?
If Amazon does not review it halfway, it will have no effect. If you need to provide company-related information when you encounter an audit, the impact will be greater.

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