There are security risks! This product has been recalled by Amazon!

On September 2, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced and recalled about 1,600 Step2 learning towers. The reason for the recall of this product was a potential safety hazard to children.

It is understood that the Amazon platform had previously sold the product.

The learning tower is not only a step stool for children, but also a children's chair. In Europe and the United States, most parents buy children's learning towers for children's learning and assistance.

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According to CPSC, the Step2 children’s learning tower has a gray tray and two cups. And it is this tray that has a big problem. CPSC believes that the tower tray and steps of this product are loose and fall off, which poses a certain safety hazard for children after use.

When the recall of this children’s learning tower was announced, many consumers reported that the steps or trays of the learning tower had fallen off, and one parent said that when using the learning tower, the child fell off the tower and received blood stasis. hurt.

CPSC stated that customers who purchase the learning tower must stop using it immediately. Consumers who purchase on the Step2 website can call the official phone number or contact the official staff through the company's recall page to obtain a full refund; And consumers who buy on Amazon can get an additional Amazon gift card.

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This is not the first time Amazon's children's products have been recalled due to safety issues.

"The baby shower seat was urgently recalled due to the risk of drowning for the baby."

"A certain type of baby bassinet poses a hidden danger to children's life and safety. It is regarded as a non-compliant product and is subject to mandatory recall."

"The plastic wings of a certain children's teether may fall off, which may cause suffocation and be recalled urgently."
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The frequent recalls of children's products and appliances also indicate that the safety of children's products cannot be ignored. Whether it is a child seat or a child's toy, the quality of the product should be guaranteed to prevent accidental harm to children.

Once a security incident occurs, or the product is inspected to be non-compliant, it will inevitably cause damage to the store and funds. Here, the editor also recommends that sellers, when making children's product categories, must ensure that the products they sell meet the safety requirements of the region, and must pay attention to the quality and safety of the products.
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