Amazon updates the return policy again, the seller: it's too difficult!

On September 2, Amazon issued a new announcement, called improving the seller’s self-delivery return experience, and will launch a return performance dashboard on October 21, 2021.

Amazon updates the return policy again, is it another unfair new rule? Seller: Too difficult! Amazon updates the return policy again, is it another unfair new rule? Seller: Too difficult!

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Amazon said that the return performance dashboard will help sellers monitor return performance and proactively resolve issues related to returns.

The returns performance dashboard will focus on three key returns performance indicators:
1. Approve the return request in less than 24 hours;

2. The total number of rejected requests for return;

3. The contact rate of return related buyers;

Each performance indicator will contain detailed information in the following areas:

1. Current index performance;

2. Threshold of target index;

3. Definition of indicators;

4. Instructions for metric calculations;

5. Explanation of the importance of indicators;

6. Policy information;

In addition, the return performance dashboard is launched along with the return analysis page. This tool can help sellers identify any product listings that are experiencing return issues and take action on them.

This page will help sellers determine the top return issues for each product list, so that they can take appropriate measures to improve the return experience. Sellers can also visit the pop-up window page in Manage Returns to view a summary of return performance indicators.

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Amazon also updated its self-delivery seller's return policy last month.

Amazon updated the seller's self-delivered return refund workflow on August 9, 2021. The announcement stated that Amazon will handle self-delivery returns in two situations:

(1) Products returned within the scope of Amazon's return policy and in their original condition are eligible for a full refund;

(2) Items that do not meet the policy requirements, have been used or are in a damaged state after use can only receive a partial refund.

According to the announcement in August: The standard for issuing partial refunds will be based on the condition of the item and the type of product. If the seller encounters a situation where the buyer wants to apply for a partial refund because the product is damaged, lost, or seriously inconsistent with the actual product, the seller can choose to score the returned product.

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