Introduction to useful Amazon seller tools

Introduction to useful Amazon seller tools

Introduction to useful Amazon seller tools(图1)
Introduction to useful Amazon seller tools Introduction to useful Amazon seller tools
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As we all know, the daily work of Amazon sellers is complex, multi-faceted, and detailed, and needs to be comprehensive. If you don't pay attention, you will suffer losses. A worker must first sharpen his tools if he wants to do his job well. Today we will introduce several useful Amazon seller tools.
(The following rankings are in no particular order)

1. AMZSuite

AMZSuite coordinates sellers' profit maximization by providing automated services, coordinates lost refunds and damaged inventory, and removes negative feedback and requested reimbursements.

2. AMZbase
AMZBase is a free Chrome plug-in that allows FBA users to quickly find product information, including ASINs, product descriptions, etc. It also provides access to other websites.

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3. AMZ Refund
AMZ Refund is a tool for Amazon sellers to find eligible refunds. FBA inventory compensation is difficult to find. If you sell FBA on Amazon, you may be destroyed or lost due to Amazon's mistakes. AMZRefund is for this problem Amazon seller tool designed.

4. Google Translate
Google Translate can help sellers translate languages from various countries. For sellers with multiple sites and multiple stores, a good translation tool can help sellers better grasp the cutting-edge information, especially for small language sites such as Japan and Germany. Sellers need a A tool for translating various lists, page management, emails, product descriptions, customer conversations, etc., and Google Translate is a good choice.
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5. MerchantWords
Business terms provide the ability to narrow searches to specific Amazon categories, and report the main categories of products found that match those searches.

6. SEO Chat Keyword Suggest Tool
SEO chat keyword suggestion tool, this free tool provides suggested data for Google, Bing, Amazon and YouTube. Advertisers can choose to obtain data on all four channels at the same time.

7. The Private Label Lawyer
Suzi Hixon is an Amazon private label lawyer and has experience in acquiring brands on Amazon. She provides strategic business and legal guidance for the active protection and enforcement of your Amazon listing and private label brands. Her services range from brand enforcement to how to deal with counterfeiters.

8. Bitly
Bitly was founded by Peter Stern in New York and launched in 2008. Its main function is to optimize links and also provide link-related data analysis reports. Many Amazon FBA sellers are now using this tool.

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9. Skubana
Skubana provides cloud software to manage inventory and build a successful multi-channel e-commerce. They provide one-click integration to Amazon, eBay, marketplaces and shopping carts, but to take advantage of Skubana's power and business intelligence, you need to make at least 1,000 orders per month.

10. Sorftime
As a brand of FilTime, a global online platform data solution provider, Sorftime is committed to providing global Amazon sellers with objective data on various categories of Amazon sites, helping sellers improve data statistics, sorting, analysis and interpretation, decision-making support efficiency, and quick discovery of unknowns. While maintaining a niche market, it is advocating to pay more attention to the different market characteristics and differences reflected by the data formed by consumer behavior habits, so that sellers can find the right market faster instead of selling explosive products, better shield risks, reduce costs, Shorten the investment cycle, thereby obtaining higher investment returns.

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